Where are the most affordable apartments near the University of Pennsylvania?

As a graduate level student, fellow, medical resident, or Ph.D candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, finding affordable off-campus housing is crucial. Fortunately, there are several neighborhoods near the University of Pennsylvania that offer affordable apartments for students and professionals.

1. University City: Located just west of UPenn’s campus, University City is a popular choice for students and faculty members alike. This neighborhood offers a wide range of affordable apartments, from single rooms in shared houses to studio and one-bedroom apartments. The proximity to campus makes it convenient for those who prefer to walk or bike to class. The best apartments are found here at University City Apartments, just a 10 minute walk to campus!

2. Powelton Village: Another neighborhood in close proximity to the University of Pennsylvania is Powelton Village. Known for its historic charm and tree-lined streets, Powelton Village provides a quieter alternative to the bustling University City. This neighborhood offers a mix of apartments and rental homes at affordable prices.

3. Cedar Park: Located southwest of UPenn’s campus, Cedar Park is a vibrant neighborhood with a diverse community. This area offers a variety of affordable housing options, including apartments, duplexes, and row houses. Cedar Park also boasts plenty of green space, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

4. West Philadelphia: West Philadelphia is a large area that encompasses several neighborhoods, including Spruce Hill, Walnut Hill, and Mantua. This area offers a mix of affordable rental options, including apartments and houses. Many students and professionals choose to live in West Philadelphia due to its affordability and its proximity to UPenn and other universities.

5. East Falls: If you prefer a quieter and more suburban setting, East Falls may be the perfect neighborhood forhoods near the university that offer affordable apartments. Here are some options to consider: