Frequently asked questions

If you won’t find an answer to your question – ask us! Our leasing agents will help you to get all information about 40SPRING – University City Apartments

What is the GPS Address?

We have 2 locations:

40/Spring Lofts: 437 N 40th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Haverford Lofts: 4070 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Can I rent a room instead of the entire apartment?

No, we rent only the entire apartment.  We do not rent rooms as we cater to graduate-level students and working professionals. You can have roommates, but you will all be on 1 lease where everyone is responsible for themselves and each other (Joint and Several Liability).  This means you choose your own roommates, or have no roommates.

Do all units have Washer/Dryer?

Yes! Each unit has an apartment sized washer/dryer.

Who pays utilities?

Tenants pay their own utilities

Are the units furnished?

The units do not come furnished.  However, there are options available from 3rd party vendors which offer monthly furniture rentals.  Please contact our office if furniture is required.

Where can I park?

Street parking only. However, this area is not as congested at prime center city, so it’s fairly easy to find a spot. Haverford Lofts may have some parking spaces available for rent.

Is internet / tv included?

No, but you are allowed to order whichever package you would like directly from Comcast / Verizon.

How is trash handled?

There is a common trash area.

How can I receive mail and packages?

Each unit has a mailbox, so letters are no problem.  You can order larger packages and they are usually left near the mailboxes in the lobby area. If you are receiving Amazon packages, we recommend that you consider using Amazon@Penn in 1920 Commons along Locust Walk.

Does PENN or Drexel offer shuttles at this location?

Since we are not affiliated, we cannot speak on their behalf, but we hear that if you call the PENN Shuttle service they will come to this location as needed. 


REDBLOCK manages multiple properties around the Philadelphia area.  There is no maintenance on-site but we send contractors as needed.  Once you become a tenant, you will have access to the tenant portal for payments and maintenance requests.

How do we pay rent?

Everything is done online! Easy!


Yes, the roof is shared but can only be used during allowable hours and per the rules and regulations in the lease.

Are you allowed to grill on the roofdeck?

Unfortunately not – it’s a fire safety issue.  However – you can drink wine and enjoy the stars and skyline views  🙂 

Are you allowed to place furniture on the roofdeck?

Unfortunately not since furniture may puncture the roofing membrane and cause leaks.  However, you can bring out foldable / temporary chairs and tables, but please take them back inside when done.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! We welcome 1 pet per apartment with a pet addendum.  All pets must be clean, quiet, and trained.  As long as they don’t disturb others, they are welcome! Big issue is barking – so only quiet dogs please.

How can I get to campus?

You can walk or bike (10-20 minutes), you can take SEPTA bus, trolley, or subway.  You can call UBER or a taxi, or you can utilize the university shuttle services.  If you will be working at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center or surrounding buildings, its 3 blocks away.

Can I rent an apartment without actually visiting?

Yes, we have many tenants who are not able to come visit due to studies and work far away.  This is why we jampack the website with as much information as possible. We always prefer for tenants to visit first, but if not possible, we can still work with you.

Where can we store bikes?

Ask the leasing team about bike parking as each property has its own bike storage options.

Is it possible to sublet?

Yes, we realize sometimes roommates need to move around.  It’s possible to sublet and replace roommates, but new applicants must apply online and be approved.  Each situation is different, but we try to help where we can.

Do you offer short-term leases?

No, 12 month minimum and we hope to see you stay even longer!

Is there an elevator?


Is there a park nearby?

Yes, Saunders Park is right behind Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and its only 3 blocks away.

Is there a food store nearby?

Yes, 4001 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104   It is currently changing from Fresh Grocer to ACME

Do you have any PENN students living here?

Yes, many! In fact, most of our tenants are somehow affiliated with PENN. Throughout the past 3 years of managing rental units in this area, we had PENN physicians, engineers, nurses, law students, as well as many Ph.D level and graduate level students in all different fields. We also have Drexel and Temple students as well.

How far are you from campus?

PENN takes up a large chunk of University City, so it depends which buildings you need, but it’s about a 15-minute walk on average, or a quick bike or Uber ride. There are also other options such as SEPTA Bus or Trolley. You can use Google Maps to take a look at distance, use 437 N 40th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 If you are looking to be near PENN Presbyterian Medical Center, we are only 3 blocks away!

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